Friday, November 15, 2013

Evolution of a Design/er

In 2011, I made this bracelet from a Fusion Beads kit called Peyote Ruffle. I loved the colours and always had it in mind to do another one, but to really make it my own this time around. If I want to call myself a designer, well then I'd better get designing...

For the first time, I laid out my own peyote stitch pattern using computer software called Easy Bead Patterns. To make things go easier, I decided to try a 2-drop peyote stitch - not entirely a "first", but my first time doing 2-drop for an entire bracelet. However, because I wanted a symmetrical pattern, I had to go with odd count peyote, meaning an odd number of columns. Not so easy now! I went with the traditional method of odd count where you do a turn-around within the beads at the end of every other row. The tension was off a bit, so another time I'd like to try a different method.


Here it is...

Welcome to "Razzle Dazzle Dots"! I decided not to do the ruffle like in the kit, to keep the lines more simple. I also found out that it was much easier when adding the picots to go down and up two beads instead of trying to go through one bead. Of course I didn't figure this out until part way through. I decided not to go back, so the second edge went easier and I just hope that no one, except me, notices the difference!

I used the same clasp, a gun metal plated sliding tube because it is so easy to use and the colour works well with the beads.

The bracelet isn't perfect, but I'm very proud of my progress.

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