Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Jewelry to brag, ahem, I mean tell you about...

Last year I made a bracelet that I just loved. It was a spiral rope with a combination of olive and khaki beads. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it sold. I've finally made another one to sell and this time made one for me. I've been learning more wire work, so the clasps are fancier, with a spiral of course. I'm working on a new business card and logo. I call it the "Signature Selinger Spiral". Also, Adobe Illustrator has a cool spiral tool, so I've been fooling around with that. Then I can attach little wire spirals to my jewelry so that you know it is a genuine Fran Selinger product.

The first bracelet is, logically, the first one I made. The second is the one that I have made to sell, and the third one (no pic yet) is mine, all mine. For it I used matte instead of metallic cylindrical beads. In any event, I have a feeling that the shiny version will appeal more to my "public".

And here is the matching necklace:

Hmmm... looks better on a black background doesn't it? I thought with the darker colours that white would be better, but I guess I was wrong, for once! 

Next I'll be making some pendants for a little variety and to offer something in a lower price range. Thanks for looking!