Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo Found!

Here is the photo that I wanted to include in my previous post:

Something New!

I made this pendant for Alma Francis, a jeweller here in Grenada. She's been drilling holes for me in tiny red seeds for a real "made in Grenada" style bracelet. (Sorry, can't find the photo of said bracelet at the moment.) She wouldn't take any money, so I've forced her to accept one of my jewelry designs. This is my "Art Deco Pendant":

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Independence 2012

Independence Day has come and gone again in Grenada. On February 7th, and the week heading into it, green, red and gold flags start appearing. They fly from cars, trees and store fronts. Everybody is proudly showing their national colours. On the 7th, you'll be out of place if you're not wearing a piece of clothing with your colours.

In honour of the 38th year of independence, I have created a new design for my Independence Collection.

Last New Year's, I opened my "cracker" and found inside, not a plastic whistle or some stupid thing, but a really nice daisy chain bracelet. The flowers were of various colours and matched just about anything I would ever wear. It broke recently and while I was repairing it, I thought that it would make a good project for my Grenada Independence collection just by changing the flower colours. 

It took a few false starts trying to figure out bead sizes, how many "petals" there should be and what looked best in the middle of each flower. My favourite is the top bracelet. It is made with size 8/0 beads and the centre bead is a 3mm glass pearl. The bottom bracelet is similar to my cracker bracelet and it's made with size 11/0 beads.