Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crikey! I need a holiday!

Here are a few new designs that I will be showing this weekend at the Easter Bazaar:

The first bracelet is made from a seed from a tropical tree called a flamboyant tree. The second bracelet is made of size 8/0 beads with the peyote accent made with size 10/0. Next time I think I will do the accent in larger beads to save time.

The rings are made with Parawire 20g non-tarnish craft wire. It is so easy to work with. I had been making rings for a client in half-hard sterling silver and did my hands and fingers ever get sore! I'll have to try some dead soft and see how that is for these wrapped rings if they're going to be popular. Here are some made with the sterling silver (except for the little one on the bottom right):

My favourite? The little one on the bottom right!

I'm scrambling to be ready for the show on Saturday. With Friday being a holiday, I sure better be ready by Thursday. I'm having 2 small signs printed as well as more business cards because I didn't know I'd be needing enough for a craft show! I usually get them printed at "Selinger Inc." (get it? inc.? ink?!) and the price is better, but unfortunately, they're not available at the moment. :-(

Back to the beads!

P.S. If you can tell me how to get my white background to actually look white, I will be ever grateful.