Monday, November 7, 2011

Computer Consternation

Well, I still don't have access to a web browser on my Macbook. I have a new screen and another hard drive, but we haven't been able to get in touch with the guy who is going to do the fixing. Luckily (ha!) I have a Toshiba labtop I can use to surf the web. PC's suck. But as far as uploading photos and copying files, well everything that I could possibly need is on the Mac. I'd like to start my Etsy Store (yes, finally decided that I should do this), but I have no access to my banners, product photos or pricing information. I'll need my Mac for the show this weekend (see previous post), so it can't really go away this week anyway. As long as it's fixed before we leave for Grenada.

So I'm concentrating on getting ready for this weekend's show, and packing for Grenada, of course. Wouldn't you know it... I finally got word about the Christmas craft show in Grenada and it's Dec. 11. We arrive Dec. 6. I really hate that kind of pressure, but I think I will sign up for it anyway. That is if I have any inventory left! I was complaining to my neighbour Clifton about the possibility of a small inventory. He says, "heck, you just tell dem dat you sold evryting"! Yes, he's an island man and has a totally different perspective on life than us uptight Canadians.

Here's my "to do" list" for the show:
- make some more stretchy bangle style bracelets
- paint  3 photo clip stand bases black to match colour theme ( I will use these to hang the few earrings that I have this weekend and to use at the Market in Grenada where I sell souvenir-type jewelry)
- print sign for crystal ring prices and place in plastic photo frame
- nag Jason to print large sign with my name to put on the front of my table
- figure out how sign will hang from front of table - velcro? - magnets?
- get consignment items from Yoga place to put in show

And just because I think it's sacrilege to have a blog entry without a photo:

These are "S" scrolls. When we get to Grenada, I'll be pulling out the wire working tools and making some "S" scrolls. Yes, I'm branding myself. This "S" will stand for Selinger (and stupendous, super, self-aggrandizing...) and I will add little charms like these to my work as my signature. With these, I won't need to buy a  hand stamp to make tags because I can make them myself! I really wanted to use an "F", but the stupid little cross-bar wouldn't co-operate. Effin' thing.