Thursday, December 6, 2012

Successful Season

So far, I've had a very good fall and winter. The Wearable Art Show was successful for all involved and congratulations are due to all the Museum London Volunteers who organized this show. I wish I could find a venue like this for the Spring/Summer season.

I leave for Grenada in a week. As usual, it's a hectic time trying to pack and get ready for 5 months out of the country. And now that my inventory is so depleted (thank you Barbara!), there's the pressure to get more jewelry made. I have 3 events lined up in Grenada for the month of December. The next one is the Christmas Bazaar at the True Blue Bay resort and they've made up a great flyer. I like it when the organizers do this, because it makes it easy for me to get the word out.

I want to thank all the people at the Wearable Art Sale who stopped at my table to have a look at my jewelry. It was encouraging to have so many appreciate my work and the time that goes into its making.