Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Catching Up

Here are some photos showing the herringbone rope necklace and bracelet that I made for my Aunt Dorothy. The necklace was a commission and the bracelet was a birthday gift and a small attempt at letting her know how much she is appreciated.

We both are extremely happy with them.

Herringbone is one of my favourite stitches; it's right up there with peyote. I will have to post some links to some designers and their work that I admire. 

Sorry for neglecting you, Blog.

I haven't had the productive summer that I was hoping for, but I have been working on some new designs and adding to my project list. Sometimes it hard to focus on what I need to be doing with so much on the go.

Beading Projects:
  • simple rings and bracelets for Grenada's Independence Day
  • more intricate projects using Grenada colours (red, green, golden yellow)
  • bracelet promised to owner of craft store in Grenada
  • continue to add to my inventory
  • commission items
  • repairs
  • keep track of consignment items
  • Christmas gifts
  • jewelry for bartering photo services (thanks Christina!)
  • jewelry I absolutely need for my wardrobe
    • coordinating green ring
    • completed brown swirly ring!
    • bright pink watch band
    • eye glass "leash"
    • necklace with tree agate pendant
    • necklace with jasper links
    • herringbone lariat
    • etc.!
I'm hoping that with my next post I can provide some photos for you. I was hoping to post them sooner, but you can "blame it on Vegas"!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New concept for my blog: a Survey

Please take part in my easy-peesy survey. No brain strain with this one. Once I see how it works, perhaps I can challenge you with one that has a little more depth. Thank you!

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