Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sneak Peak

After making my aunt's long herringbone necklace, I needed a change. Rings are good because they make up fairly quickly. Am I one for instant gratification? You bet! Not that the big projects aren't just as satisfying.

I decided to remake some rings that I made as gifts and finish one ring that I had started in Grenada. Plus, now that I'm back in Canada, I have my go-to-gal Christina to take some professional photos. It's hard to make something you love and give it away. Really. It's always nice to have a photograph as a memento, especially if the piece was a bit of fluke and turned out really well!

Some of these rings I will post to sell on ArtFire and and at least one (can you guess?) will go into my Grenada Collection. The "Grenada Collection" so far consists of a lot of research, but not much finished product. I'll have to post on that more as it has been quite a challenge.