Thursday, September 27, 2012

A New "Home" in London

I have finally found a place to retail my jewelry in London. I've been searching a couple years now and I'm glad to have found a good match. The Artfusion Gallery, in City Plaza, was recommended to me by a fellow jewelry designer, Candace Dice. She has a great talent for taking discarded vintage jewelry and giving it new, creative life.

Ryan Mahy, one of the owners, has been so easy to deal with and has also provided space for a friend of mine to display his work. His name is Michael John and he's a stone carver from Grenada, my second home. He carves pendants and sculptures from local stone using design motifs from the Arawaks, the original inhabitants of the island. I'll have to post some of his work on a future blog.

I wanted to give a shout out to Artfusion, so here's an article focusing on their upcoming first anniversary at City Plaza:

I don't feel right posting a blog without some visual treat, but don't have any new photos for you. I do have some new jewelry, but as it's being held hostage at the gallery, I haven't been able to shoot them yet. What other eye candy can I give you? Aha, here's a photo of the latest progress on our house in Grenada. Yes, we have to climb a ladder to get in.