Friday, February 4, 2011

Independence Day Jewelry

This year, Grenada celebrates its 37th year of independence. I'm hoping to celebrate too by selling some jewelry. I've been busy making rings, bracelets and cell phone straps in the Grenadian national colours: red, green and golden yellow. My friend Rhonda is selling them for me at her booth in the St. George's market where she sells all kinds of local spices. I should get a photo of my display: I found a nice coral fan with branches from which to hang "de tings". I traded the vendor an earring/necklace set for it and he put it on a good flat base so that it stands nice and sturdy.

The larger seed beads are from Caravan Beads and the smaller, size 10/0 beads are from Len's Mill Store in London.

Pricing has been a real headache. For the rings and bracelets, I'd just be happy to get enough money to cover the parts. With the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC) being worth 2.7 times the Canadian Dollar, the prices soon get out of reasonable range, without having even added overhead or mark up. I'm more happy and comfortable with the pricing for the cell phone straps. These are going for $10EC. Maybe when the prospective buyers see this price, they'll grab up the bracelets thinking they're a bargoon! The glass fish beads are made in India and a got a great price for them at

I don't have any photos of the rings, but they're basically like the bracelets, only, well, smaller. A few have added bicone crystals and a few, to match a bracelet, come in a set of three - one red, one green and one gold.

I'm a little relieved at being able to put away my Grenada beads. I'm looking forward to getting back to some beadweaving. Of course, I still have to finish a few Christmas gifts that have been rather delayed. This will require mostly wire work. Always a daunting challenge, but always worth it. Here's a good tip for doing wire work in Grenada: always make sure that you first wash all the fresh grapefruit juice off your hands before starting!